Who are we?

Introducing Rhea Noa and Diana Laurent, your hosts at the Budapest Fusion Festival. Join them as they guide you through a celebration of dance, culture, and the essence of Fusion in the heart of Budapest.

Rhea Noa

Rhea is one of Hungary's leading fusion belly dance instructors and has been the founder and lead instructor of Rhea Fusion Dance School since 2016. She is a regular performer at Hungarian belly dance events, organizes dance workshops, serves as a judge, and is a founding member of the Teatroom Apartment Theater.

"Dance has been present in my life since my early childhood. I have danced jazz ballet, flamenco, musical dances, contemporary, and contact dance. I started learning Oriental dance 20 years ago. Over the years, I have gained dance experience from both domestic and foreign instructors. Both technique and artistic expression are equally important to me in dance.In Hungary, my most influential teachers were Mercedes Nieto and Judit Virág. I have been a member and co-founder of the SzövegTest ensemble and TeátRoom Home Theatre since 2019.I have been a jury member of the Hungarian Fusion Belly Dance Competition in 2022 and 2023. I have been the leader and instructor of the Rhea Fusion Dance School since 2016.
I continuously educate myself, with one of the most notable experiences being studying and passing examinations in Zoe Jakes' accredited dance program DanceCraft.In 2022, I appeared as a belly dancer in the Hungarian-produced TV series titled 'Tündérkert,' based on the novel by Zsigmond Móricz."
Arrabona Bellydance Festival 2016 – Gold Rating in Tribal Fusion Bellydance Category
Csepel Bellydance Festival 2016 – Gold Rating in Professional Category of Tribal Fusion Bellydance
Yalla Yalla Festival – Open stage Audience Prize 2016
Arrabona Bellydance Festival – Gold Rating in Tribal Fusion Bellydance Category 2015
Arrabona Belly Dance Festival - Gold certification in Tribal Fusion category 2015. Szolnok Belly Dance Competition: 1st place in 2015

Find out more of Rhea Noa at her page: www.rhea-fusion.hu
And on her instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/rhea_noa_fusion/ 

Diana Laurent

Diana began her belly dance studies in 2012, previously participating in fire juggling performances and creating her own choreographies. She has since pursued a solo career as a fusion belly dancer, concurrently performing as a fire juggler nationwide while working as a graphic designer. 

Additionally, Diana was able to apply her skills in graphic design to create materials for Fusion Essence and contribute to the development of this website. 

Find out more of Diana's works on her instagram pages: 
Dance: https://www.instagram.com/diana_laurent_fusion/
Art: https://www.instagram.com/d.a.l.aurent/

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