1. What is this festival about?

The Fusion Essence Budapest festival is a brand-new event in Budapest aimed at building a community of fusion and non-fusion belly dancers. The internationally renowned artist Zoe Jakes is a featured guest performer. Our goal is to open doors to dancers worldwide and introduce Hungarian belly dance culture to the international dance community.

2. Where will the festival take place?

The festival will be held in Budapest, Hungary.
Workshop venues: T-klub fitness and dance, Budapest 1112, Dió Street 2.
Gala Show: Karinthy Theater, Budapest 1115 Bartók Béla Road 130.
Closing Night: Coming soon

3. Can I register for just one workshop?

The festival offers full and daily passes.
Note: Daily passes are only available during promotional periods. 

4. How can I register for the workshops?

You can register for the workshops through the following link.
You will be able to purchase your ticket via Ticket Tailor.
Link: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/fusionessencebudapest/1145647 

5. Are gala tickets included in the full pass and day pass workshop tickets?

No, gala tickets must be purchased separately.
The rental fees for the venues are financed from the proceeds of ticket sales,
as the festival is entirely self-funded.

6. What is the difference between the Gala Show and the Closing Show Night?

The Gala Show will take place in the Karinthy Theater where Zoe herself will perform.
The Closing Show Night will be held in a smaller cellar theater where Zoe won't perform, but other local and international dancers will participate.
Our aim is to conclude the event with an intimate evening with the Closing Show Night. 

7. If I want to perform at the festival, how can I apply and what are the requirements?

We welcome performers to apply using the form below. 
The requirement for performing is payment for the full Zoe Jakes intensive workshop.
The deadline for registration is April 21th. 
Link for Application: 

8. Why do I need to pay for the full workshop to perform?

The Fusion Essence festival is a labor of love created entirely from our own resources, without any external funding. As this is our first festival, we are not entirely sure if we can afford it even now. Your financial and other support makes it possible.

9. In what language will the workshops be conducted?

Workshops will be conducted in English.

10. Who will be leading the workshops?

The festival's invited guest star, Zoe Jakes, will conduct a 12-hour intensive workshop.

11. What if I want to perform multiple times?

If you want to perform multiple times, e.g. solo and with a group, you are very welcome to send multiple Performance Application Forms.

12. If I want to participate in group dancing at the gala or closing show night, does everyone need to purchase the full Zoe Jakes intensive pass?

Yes, in the case of group dancing, the payment for the full workshop is required.

13. What kinds of performances are welcome?

We welcome all dance styles. Contemporary Art is open and flexible, allowing for a mixture of styles. We aim for a rich show with many different pieces.

14. Can I choose which night I want to perform on?

To ensure both nights offer a balanced and exciting lineup, we carefully select dancers for the most thrilling performances. If there's a specific night you prefer to participate in, please email us your request, and we'll consider it. Please understand that our goal is to make both nights vibrant and unique, so please don't take it personally if we're unable to accommodate your request.

15. When will I know if I got a performance slot and in which show?

We operate on a first-come, first-served basis.
After the application deadline (April 21), we'll notify you via email.

16. What if I can't attend the workshop after purchasing the ticket?

We cannot refund workshop fees, but you can transfer your ticket to someone else.
Please contact us via email to finalize the transfer: fusionessencebudapest@gmail.com

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